Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Just a quick insider blogging note
The good folks at blogspot give me free software and free server space to spew forth my meaningless rantings here. If I decide I want to upgrade to a premium service, I could include images and have guest comments. But other blogging services are not so reasonable. Salon.com expects its bloggers to pay (you might want to sit down for this... oh wait, you are sitting down) $40 to blog. For $40, I could get the Simpsons Season 3 on DVD, fer cryin' out loud. People generally will not pay for a service that they can get for free elsewhere. And the software I use here ("Blogger") is open source and very cool.

UPDATE: from Salon Blog FAQ's:
Why should I set up a blog with Salon Blogs when there are free alternatives?
We know there are lots of choices out there for blogging software. Radio UserLand stands out for its ease of installation, its strong integration of news feeds, its flexibility and its community features. No other blogging tool gets a non-technically skilled user on the Web as quickly and painlessly. Also, Salon Blogs users will automatically be part of a community of Salon-based bloggers, which will help you get the word about and bring visitors to read what you write.

Well, Blogger is extremely easy to use, so I'd throw their first argument out. As for getting the word out... I have no idea how to stream trffic to my blog, and I have no idea if even a single person is reading it. (except Lee, who sent me that email. Thanks, Lee! LEE! LEE! LEE!) I'd bet that if you're not in the top 10 Salon blogs, it's not much different for you as it is for me. And blogger also lists several notable blogs on their homepage. Send me ideas to increase blog traffic. What's the point of doing this if it doesn't make me the center of attention?


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