Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Maurice Clarett's saga story
Clarett has never had much support from me as a player or sympathy from me as being "disrespected" by his school and the NCAA because he flouts the rules. But in his suit against the NFL, he's absolutely right. The NFL has a rule that says players have to be out of high school for three years before they can play. This is probably a good idea for the league, but it's so unfair to amateurs wanting a job that it has to be declared illegal. If you're only marketable skill is running with a football, how many people can give you jobs? Sure you could go to Canada, or for slightly more money play in the SEC, but the only place to really reap millions is the NFL. The NFL would be wise to quickly settle this matter with Clarett out of court to avoid a ruling that their rule is illegal. They could postpone such a finding for a few years (until the next guy seeks judicial equity) by just saying that they're going to make an exception in this special case and hold a Clarett lottery with every team's name in a drum. Then to sweeten the deal (remember, they really don't want a judge touching this) they should make him eligible this season for the winning team. It's time for the NFL lawyers to get smart and lick Maurice's boots.


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