Thursday, September 18, 2003

Oh, like I was going to let this get past the link to the article
reader, italics are mine, the regulat text is from the article. I promise to get around to learning how to block quote articles...
About 41% of opposite-sex live-togethers have children younger than 18 in their homes. That means about 4% of the nation's children live in a new and growing family form.
The 2000 Census counted 4.9 million homes in which the head of the household lived with an unmarried partner of the opposite sex. That was up from 3 million in 1990.
Researchers are starting to explore what that means for these youngsters. Live-in relationships often are unstable, and instability is bad for kids. Some research suggests children do best in families with two biological parents who are married, the form most investigators still call the gold standard for raising children.
--oh now we're getting somewhere! But won't somebody think of the children! Obviously, we can only conclude that if you are not married to the mother or father of your kids, you don't love them as much as moms & dads who are decent enough people to do the right thing and legitimize those poor, bastard children!
Other professionals question the relationships on traditional moral grounds. The message sent to kids, these critics say, is that marriage doesn't really matter.

If you are a parent living with a significant other, "that is a very powerful statement to make to your child," says Maggie Gallagher, president of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, a nonprofit think tank in Ossining, N.Y. "And it is not a good one to pass on."
--Dear Maggie, I am seeing to it that I do everything in my power to teach my son that people like you are evil, self-righteous hypocrites and that people who love each other (like his mom & dad do) are far better people. I hope that's a good enough message to pass on.
A final professional verdict, however, is not in on how the children fare in such unions. Findings on the kids of cohabitants are a mixed bag; results differ depending on how the studies are done.

Children born to live-ins have about double the risk of seeing their parents split than those with married biological parents, say sociologists Pamela Smock of the University of Michigan and Wendy Manning of Bowling Green State University.
--very importantly not taking into account a relevent comparison to the kids of non-married, co-habitating, biological parents. This comparison takes into account single parents who co-habitate with new partners purely for economic reasons. Or how about comparing single parents who move in with new partners with those who don't. Is the child benefitted by going it alone even if that means they can't pay their bills? And while we're at this, can we look at kids of people who stay married to each other (because they're just such darned good people) even though they have a completely dysfunctional marriage?
Live-ins who part might be less traditional than married couples and more open to the idea of separating, experts say. If the union ends, one parent might take the child with him or her into a series of live-in arrangements. That is particularly true if the parent has few financial resources, little education and poor parenting skills, researchers say.
--good thing USA Today can at least show some pity for the degenerate, misguided lot of us.
Of course, statistics just show the odds, not what will happen within any individual family. And there are many miserable married families as well as many happy cohabitants with children.
--Following the great tradition of the morally righteous in admitting that we're not *all* bad. And completely missing the point that truly rules the day: people who are total fuck-ups and have kids produce kids who are total fuck-ups, while healthy, loving parents in good relationships tend to produce healthy kids. There is absolutely no cause and effect relationship with the presence or absence of a marriage certificate.
Child psychologist Bill Maier works with Focus on the Family, a non-profit Christian organization that supports traditional families. People are reluctant to talk about right and wrong in a "relativistic age" that places the wishes of adults above the well-being of children, he says. "As a Christian organization, we have a strong view that sexuality is a gift from God, and the Bible clearly tells us it is expressed correctly in marriage."
--"Relativists" are people who don't always look at things as being Good vs. Evil. (God vs. the Devil) And the Bible also tells us that the Father of the bride should give the new husband several sheep as a price for taking this good-for-nothing-except-birthing-babies female off the father's hands.
There are other potential snags. How will the community, places of worship, friends and extended family members accept unmarried live-ins with children?
--My suggestion is to not be involved with intolerant communities such as churches... and Oklahoma.
--after going over some examples of families who are normal despite not having a marriage certificate nailed to the wall in the hallway...
Research can only take live-in parents so far, Solot says. "Talking about averages misses the basic fact that most children do well regardless of family form." There are "all kinds of risks, emotional and legal, but unmarried families can certainly thrive if they are loving, fairly stable and have set up rules and goals."
--I'm sure statements such as this are what drives conservatives crazy over the "liberal media bias" as though only the unreasonable, commie journalist could say that these sickos could ever be acceptable. From my perspective, it's complete bullshit to even have an article whose main objective is to explore the question as to whether or not the Normals should consider accepting us, albeit begrudgingly. The real, underlying message of this article is that YOU, the Normals are good citizens and these whacky liberals, going off and acting like they don't even need to get married (the heathens) are putting their kids at risk!! You are so much better than these people. Now go off and clean your guns and teach them that their private parts are dirty.


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