Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Pope News
Pope Health Failing (washingtonpost.com) This is just macabre. Take one of the most important individual positions of power and influence in the world, then hold on to hilariously outdated notions of life appointments (anyone here seen the Enlightenment? Yeah, I'm looking for a lost period of history? Called The Enlightenment? Come on you guys, it lasted almost a hundred years?) and we have the world press running reports of wild specualtion at to how long till this guy croaks. It's bizarre. I suspect the same crap will go on when the British Monarchy passes as well. Both institutuions are based upon the same model, which was discredited 230 years ago. Hopefully the next Pope will be Pope Caligula, so far to the right that millions of Catholics will finally see what a crazy institution this is and leave.


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