Wednesday, September 17, 2003

RIAA ongoing evil
The RIAA is going to be hammered in these her blog postings, but in the meantime, I'm going to get this nifty little piece of advice out, courtesy of a letter to the editor printed in Salon:

>>As an attorney with IP litigation experience, let me throw in some free legal advice on the RIAA's "Clean Slate" Program. Do NOT ... I repeat, do NOT sign up for this program.

Not only are you signing a document that would become Exhibit A in a criminal proceeding, you would be opening yourself up to numerous civil lawsuits. Every musical recording likely has multiple copyrights associated with it (lyrics, music, performance) and, therefore, multiple copyright owners with the right to sue.

Simply put, signing the Clean Slate program affidavit is a confession under oath that you committed a crime and violated civil statutes under the federal copyright laws. Through the subpoena power, the government or a copyright holder could compel the RIAA to produce your confession for use in a criminal or civil proceeding. There is no assurances of privacy that the RIAA could provide that trump this subpoena power.

Don't be fooled!

-- Brian McQuillen<<

Thanks, Brian. And thanks for helping me get that out without violating the "no practicing law without a lisence" laws.

PS - I'll get my html down eventually and will be able to properly indent quotes like that.


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