Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Second Post... and counting
Alright! Got the blog up and running and now I can go on and on about whatever I want to. And you all have to read it! :evil laugh: Oh wait... no you don't. So if You don't like my posts, just go ahead and go to someone else's blog.

In the meantime in today's news...
Wes Clark has made his formal announcement that he's running for President. My first choice is now a tie between Howard Dean and Wes Clark. I'll run commentary on all of them in this blog, so stay tuned.

Too bad for Sen. Edwards. He announced at the same time as Clark. So much for getting those headlines, huh? I have a feeling this guy could be president at some point in our future, but I'd be surprised if his delegates were major players at next summer's D convention. Not yet.

And that 'ol babe Isabel is about to smack the East Coast around tonight. Have fun guys! When your power's back up, check in on my blog!


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