Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Americans are stupid
While the Supreme Court agrees to hear the Pledge of Allegiance case, CNN has put up a poll asking if forcing public school students to recite the pledge is unconstitutional. As of my vote, 83% think it is not unconstitutional. Now, I grant you, most people in this country have not studied the Constitution in much detail, but consider this:
1. The First Amendment explicitly prohibits the government from compelling or forcing citizens to belong to any religion or do anything religious. So for instance, you will not be required to be a member of the Church of Scientology in order to vote next month.
2. The Pledge of Allegiance contains a newly added line (in the last 60 years) that asserts that there is a God.
3. The question is whether people can be forced by the government to recite a line saying there is a god.

Are people so narrow minded in their idiotic Monotheism that they cannot even see the obvious Constitutional problem with this? Is the idea that some of us don't believe in your security blanket, make-believe story of the almighty so foreign to you that you can't even let me have my rights? GOD IS SANTA CLAUS FOR ADULTS.

Update: The Washington Post reports that Antonin Scalia is recusing himself from the case because he made public comments critical of the original 9th Circuit opinion. Hmm. I guess he's completely unbiased in all his other decisions, but just happened to develop an opinion on this one. Unfortunately, it didn't say he spontaeously exploded as he announced his recusal.


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