Monday, October 06, 2003

Another Shameless Plug
I'm going to recommend software: go to Mozilla and download the latest version of Mozilla Firebird. It is a small quick download. It's free both in terms of cost and in terms of how it's distributed. It's open source. It is not developed with the intent to make shareholders lots of money, which many people feel is un-American, but it is made to give people a free, easy way to traverse the web. If you are using Internet Explorer, you really owe yourself the opportunity to be amazed at the quality of Firebird. Yes, it's still beta (version 0.7 is coming soon) but it might well be one of the best designed pieces of software you'll "own."
Their page on why you should switch.

To readers: when you do switch, email me and tell me about your experience! The more people I can turn on to Mozilla, the better world we'll live in.


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