Sunday, October 12, 2003

The Cubs
The Cubbies could win a pennent today.
Chew on that for a minute. The cubbies could win a pennent today. It's at the point where it's difficult to not get ahead of yourself and think "what if?" It's so tantalizingly close. Part of the mystique of the Cubs is that this sort of thing cannot happen. Perhaps it still won't. If the Cubs lose three straight to let the Florida Marlins win the Pennent, it will go down as the most excruciatingly painful of all the years. It will hurt so badly, people might die. Not me, though. I'll be disappointed, but I'm far from the biggest Cub fan there is. There's people out there who's level of emotional involvement is up there with where mine has been for the Bulls and ND sports. But the Cubs and Sox (that's white) are like the hapless little teams that we all love but don't ever really expect anything from. I'm going to sit back (and on the edge of my seat) and enjoy this today. And if a miracle happens and the Cubs actually win, then the party in Chicago will be one for the ages.


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