Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Cubs' Game 7
Up 5-3 after 4. Are we being teased or could this actually be it? Looks like the Fish are going to bring Bekett in in the bottom of the 5th. Wood's going to have to shut them down.

Update- Wood does not seem to have control here in the 5th. He's walked two guys already this inning.
U- Now Wood has given up 3 runs, and the Cubs are down 6-5 middle of 5th. Not Wood's best outing. Farnsworth is warming up, and I hope he has a better night than he did last night. Now the Cubs need runs.
U- top 6, 2 outs, and Wood is pulled. He left runners at the corners. Wood's disappointing outing in game 7 does not bode well. The Cubs gave him run support, and for the first time in months, he didn't get it done. Farnsworth needs to come up big, and the Cubs are looking for their hero.
U- well, farnsworth gave up a run, but got the huge K on Rodriguez to end the frame. Cubbies down 7-5, middle of 6th. 4 innings to get it done at the plate.
U- sitting through an ad for Papa John's Chicken and Bacon Pizza. That's just gross. On the other hand, we're enjoying local Pizza from Oasis, and it's yummy. And for what it's worth, the woman who delivered it was gorgeous!
U- At the stretch, it's 9-5 Marlins. The Cubs can't pitch, and they are highly unlikely to get 4 runs off Bekett, who is really on top of his shit. And now Billy freakin' Corgan is singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Jinkies.
U- O'Leary with the pinch hit homer to cut the lead to 9-6. Now he just needs to tell everyone else how to hit Beckett. The 7th is over.
U- Well, for the first time in four innings, the Cubs didn't let the Fish score. Now we have 2 innings to get 3 to tie. Come on, Cubbies!
U- Fuck


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