Monday, October 06, 2003

The Cubs
Hey, I'm thrilled that the Cubs have won a playoff series (first series victory since 1908) and made it to the NLCS, but let's towel off and back off the "first time in 95 years" nonsense. The Cubs last won a World Series in 1908. The Cubs are a long darned way from winning a World Series this year, so comparing 2003 to 1908 as though they were equal is ludicrous. The Cubs proceeded to win something like 5 pennents between 1908 and 1945, which was the last time they won a pennent. If the Cubs win the NLCS, there will be reason to celebrate - the first Cubs' series since 1945. Winning a divisional series is nice, but they haven't even had divisional series in MLB for ten years now. This is nice stuff, with hope for more, but it's still just a divisional series win, not the end of the curse.


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