Friday, October 31, 2003

What's the scariest thing in the world this Halloween? Well, it's the same thing that's the scariest thing in the world every other day of the year: Religious People!! This story on 'Le Halloween' in France is kinda funny, except for this frightening quote: "French Catholic youth groups plan to demonstrate for the second year running against what they see as Halloween's trivialization of death." Protests? Oh well, it's still better than what the religious freaks do in this country. A while back when I was working at the Humane Society, some kids were in with their mother getting a cat. They seemed like perfectly normal people. One of the kids asks me when the cat's birthday was. Well, some quick math on my part and I'm saying, "October... End of the month... You could use Halloween!" I thought that was great. The mother says to me, "Oh, we don't celebrate that." And then one of the other kids pipes up and says in the spookiest possible voice (think Rod & Todd) "We call it 'Hallelujah!" Poor kids. Let's go get our Anti-Christian / Pro-Pagan groove on tonight, shall we?


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