Thursday, October 16, 2003

"Hell Froze Over"
Read First: I did have a download problem with the software, but restarted it, and it picked up where it left off. I think Apple's prodigious servers are slammed. Apple's messege boards are showing a bunch of people having problems with the software, too. So you might want to wait until the first update? Just a thought. It looks like many of the problems I read about were on Dell's, but it might just be that a bunch of people have Dell's. I'll post more when I have it up and running. At 75% download now.

Apple has released itunes for Windows!! Joy! I stole the headline directly from them. I used to use a mac, and the single worst thing about switching to a PC was that there was nothing to compare to itunes. This is the single best piece of music software you can get. And get this - it's free. They just put all those other jukebox software folks out of business. There is a catch - you have to have this software to use their pay-per download feature. That's why they're so anxious to give you the software. But so far as I can tell, you don't ever have to give them crap to use it. Starting my download now.
- By the way - the download is 19,561 kb. looks like it should take about an hour and a half for me to get it.
- And one other thing: even the hyper-discerning folks at /. are thinking this software is the bees' knees.
- Great quote from that slashdot board: " Look at all the Windows using slashdotters coming out of the woodwork now that it sucks one notch less. ;)" (posted by a user called "coolmacdude")
- Quote from Steve Jobs: "iTunes for Windows is probably the best Windows application ever written." Umm... me thinks someone needs to set this guy up on a nice PC with Unreal Tournament 2003 running full bore. I know hyperbole is his thing, but come on!


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