Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Is the ball in play?
JPEG Image of the notorious Chicago fan
Looks like it could be in play, as King Kaufman pointed out in Salon. I dunno what to say about this, except that instead of his defense being "everyone else would have done the same thing," which is bullshit [argument put forth by both Kaufman and the Fox commentators last night], the reporters should say that he was compelled to do what he did by the great supernatural force that keeps the Cubs from winning. He was a tool. A mere pawn of evil. He himself is not evil. And I really hope that no one goes after him. Let him move to South America and live in shame, but don't go after him.

As for the aforementioned argument that everyone in that seat would have reached for the ball the same way - I think there's some people who would have, and they can't imagine that everyone else wouldn't have acted the same way they would have. Fair enough- but we're not all prone to do that. Many of us instictively get out of the way when other people are doing things right next to where we are. Me, for instance. If I'm in the front row, I'm probably thinking "gee, I'm right on the field." When I take my seat, I'm probably thinking "I could just hop right out of the stands and run around the outfield - I'm right on the field!" But then my sense on propriety would set in, and I'd probably dwell on being absolutely sure I didn't get in the way. That would carry over to the 8th inning, (when I was sitting here thinking - the cubs need to eek out five more outs) and I probably, if anything, would have tried to pull Alou into the stands so he could more easily catch it.


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