Sunday, October 19, 2003

Oh, and about the itunes
Installed fine on my machine, and I've played with it a bit. So far so perfect. What it did was expose the pathetic excuse I have for computer speakers. I really need a new set of those. But the software is nifty.

One complaint: Apple forced the software to behave as though in mac-OS for window resizing. Window resizing is something Windows does about... hmm... ten thousand times better than mac. But the itunes behaves like it's on mac, meaning you can only resize by the bottom-right corner of the window, rather than resizing anywhere on the perimeter as you can with any other window in this OS.

Shows off Apple's typical arrogance. The fact that it only will run on 2000 or XP shows their pathological disdain for backwards compatability. But they do some things very well, and itunes is one of them.

Note: this is a quality editorial which again points out that some people have had horrible system failures after installing the software which was quite apparently inadequately beta tested.


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