Monday, October 06, 2003

Robert Novak: anti-American & pro-terrorist
Novak says it's up to the government to protect their secrets, not him, so he didn't do anything wrong outing a CIA Agent as she was overseas working under cover in the Middle East. Nice to know those conservatives are all about the personal responsibility, no? Even if writing the story was legal, was it ethical? It was being published to further the Bush Administration's thuggish objective to silence critics. The price was risking the life of a loyal American doing the business of the US government. That business? Protecting us from WMD's potentially being produced by terrorists. Balance each side of the moral dilemma facing Novak (not to mention the people in the Administration doing the leaking) and decide which side you're on: America or the Republicans? It's pretty clear that this leak and the publishing of the same by Novak were decidedly anti-American and definitely pro-terrorist.


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