Thursday, October 23, 2003

Update (soon?) for itunes
This CNN article claims that Apple released a bug fix for some Windows configs which caused in some cases catastophic system failures for some users. oops. Funny thing is, you go to their website, and as of right now, there's not a patch available. Then you can open itunes and go to the handy "check for itunes updates" feature (all software should have that option) and it says that mine is the latest version. Hmm. I'll try again later.

Typical Apple crap! We (a million windows users) just downloaded a 19mb program last week that had some serious problems. Apple addressed the issues (good) and released an update (also good). The problem? There's no patch! You have to download the entire fucking program again to get the update. Nice work, Apple - give nothing to your existing customers. Show them that you resent them. Nice job, Jobs. This on the same day they release their upgraded OS 10.3 - for $129, even for existing users of 10.2. What assholes. And if your mac doesn't have the specs to run 10.3, you could go get a reasonably priced upgrade, right? No - you have to buy a whole new $2500 machine, because you can't upgrade Macs. Are they assholes or just dipshits? I am sooooo glad I'm typing this on a PC.


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