Monday, November 17, 2003

Absolutely Brilliant!
In Utah, Public Works Project in Digital
This is really fantastic. Other cities and state governments should follow suit. I love the idea of public corporations to deliver necessary services, such as power and phones, and this is ideal. Cities can step in to this high speed ISP market in this manner without any competition, because no private corporation will do what needs to be done. The quotes from the Qwest folks in SLC (The speeds to be provided "are way more than what most consumers need in their home," Mr. Fenn said, adding, "Why provide a Rolls-Royce when a Chevrolet will do?") demonstrate how the private sector, long falsely worshipped as the solution to everything, is filled with narrow minded fools who will never actually give consumers what they want. In fact, it goes beyond that! The private companies are actually interfering with the municipalitis' ability to provide basic services to their residents. They are meddling where they shouldn't be, frustrating community benefit. They did so in this case by getting their purchased legislators in the Utah leg to block the cities' attempts to install the lines. This is because their outdated, inferior business models are threatened, so they intend to frustrate progress and force us (the consumers) to keep sending them money. I think it's ironic that Utah, which has a reputation as perhaps the most backwards of places, is blazing this trail. Goes to show you that Utah isn't so much backwards as it is of a completely different mindset on almost everything. I hope this succeeds brilliantly for them, especially because other localities will follow suit. Portland should do this right after taking over the power company!


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