Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Another huge bomb in Iraq; this one kills 24
Let's think way back to what life was like right before the war in Iraq: Iraq had a stable government that kept Islamic fundamentalists at bay, and was in fact, seen by the fundamentalists as hostile towards them. W was planning to overthrow this government because the guy had shown up his W's Poppy (so the family honour was at stake), and a bunch of his donors wanted to get their greedy paws on Iraq's oil and the then-unnecessary "rebuilding" contracts. A few of us in this country warned that overthrowing this government could open up this large country (and it's resources) to fundamentalists, and that millions of Arabs were likely to see a U.S. military occupation as a bad thing, to be resisted and fought against. "Nonsense!" said the neo-cons, "you people are UNAMERICAN, UNPATRIOTIC, and probably just a bunch of commies and traitors." The neo-cons insisted we would be greeted like liberating heroes, and freedom and democracy would spread like a virus throughout the region. (And don't forget those weapons of mass destruction we were going to find!)

Who was right? This war was bad for Iraq, bad for the region, bad for international relations, and BAD FOR THE UNITED STATES. Only someone who is unamerican and hostile to the interests of this country could support this disaster of a war. And the people who pushed for this war so that they could make money off the suffering are not just immoral, but also traitorous.


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