Thursday, November 27, 2003

Cheney let Georgie wear his flight suit costume again! - Bush pays surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq - Nov. 27, 2003
Okay - "Surprise visit" means that it was planned, but they didn't tell anybody. Why do you suppose they didn't tell anyone? Could it be because they (rightfully) thought there might be some attempts on his life? What happened to "Bring it on?" you fucking coward?

This is my email I'm sending to the president:
So you didn't tell anyone that you were visiting Iraq, because you quite accurately predicted that if you had announced it, some of those whack-jobs probably would have tried to kill the lot of you. Wise not to tell anyone! But my question is... what happened to "Bring 'em on!" I mean, that wasn't just false, flight-suit costume wearing bravado, was it? The president has the guts to say "Bring 'em on" right to the cowardly faces of those un-american Iraqi insurgents, right? I don't know if I can live through my thanksgiving dinner if I can't have faith that my president could kick their butts if they, you know - brought it on. I think he should go back and challenge the lot of them to fisticuffs. John Wayne would have. And John Wayne would have probably then won over the hearts of those nasty Iraqis and converted them all to Christianity. I can't have anything less from my President, or our collective manhood is just... in doubt.

Thanks in advance,
Matt Ryan
Portland, Oregon

Cripes. They'll probably take it as some kind of threat and come and arrest me today.


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