Sunday, November 16, 2003

A few Sunday morning thoughts
Zupan's the nearest grocery to our house, has by far the cheapest price on organic milk in gallons. The catch? They have the stuff that expires in 4-8 days. This morning, I ran out and got milk for $3.59. Other stores are all over $4, with some approaching $5. But their milk is way fresher. It's a pickle.

When I got home, I came back to a mess. I had set the coffee machine to make the coffee while I ran to the grocery store, but I had failed to dump out the remains from yesterday. (I know - yech) It's so uncommon for us to leave coffee in the pot that I'm out of practice checking for that. So I got back, and there was coffee all over the counter top and the floor and I had to mop up. There's worse things in life, but that was gross.

Extreme political thought of the day...
Why are our state and national borders so inflexible? Take Oregon, for example. We have an enormous mountain range, the Cascades, running North-South down the middle of the state. The eastern and western part of the state have nothing in common - except that because of outdated political boundries, we are forced to deal with each other. We have different climates, different economies, different religious views, and strikingly different political views. When a ballot measure comes up that would elevate Oregon's community in beneficial ways (with transportation, education, or environmental protections for example) the easterners completely frustrate us by shooting them down. And I'm sure they see us as wacky dressing city folk who don't properly worship Jesus and who want to raise their taxes.

The easterners have everything in common with Idaho. Idaho - that wild west place where the cops are armed to the teeth but they won't spend a dime to get poor kids to see a doctor. The place that welcomes bizarre white supremesist militia groups, but looks at me like some sort of threat. Don't you think that the folks in Eastern Oregon would be happier electing a state legislature with the Idahoins rather than Portlanders? So why don't we just sell everything east of the Cascades to Idaho? I mean, come on, Idaho, make us an offer we can't refuse! Three dairy cows? You got it! Ta-Da! Everyone's happier. I suggest Washington does the same. Idaho would be significantly bigger geographically, and slightly bigger in population. And Oregon could avoid the embarassment of having Gordon fucking Smith representing us in the US Senate. Idaho could still have their right wing freaks, and they'd even get more house rep's.

The only thing standing in the way of my most sensible plan is dogmatic adherance to the randomly drawn political borders. My plan gets even weirder, with the newly expanded Idaho being forced to merge with Montana into one super state of right wing demigogory. Perhaps someday I'll draw up some maps and make some plans for world domination... er, I mean political persuasion.


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