Sunday, November 23, 2003

A few thoughts on Michael Jackson
There once were news stories about Michael Jackson claiming that he was singled out among his siblings for abuse from his father. Now there are allegations that he himself abuses children. The existance of each of those allegations make the other more likely to be true in my mind. Also, any analysis of this guy's behavior and what this guy believes about reality shows that he is most likely insane. Unfortunately for him, he has had the money to make his day to day existance look like that of royalty (remember when he insisted that in order to have access to him, members of the media had to refer to him as "the King of Pop?") and he has created a bubble in which his dimensia and paranoia have become manifest. This is not condusive to the healing process. This is a recipe for further removal from reality. This is a guy who still claims that he has had very little plastic surgery. This is a guy who keeps giraffes for pets. This is a guy whose genitals can be accurately described many many young boys to the police (at least in 1993.) Ahh - that's all.


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