Saturday, November 29, 2003

Good Morning
I have a painting inside me that has welled up and is asking to come out. It feels good. It's been too long since one of my creations has decided to reveal itself and come forth. I think it will be beautiful. I wonder how long until it's manifest. I'm not sure if I even have everything I'll need to make it. The colors may not be in stock, so there could be trips to the art supply store. I'm almost certain we have the canvas. Sketching will need to take place. Unwittingly, that's already begun.

Yesterday, on the morning of my 32nd (eegads, it's been that long?) birthday, I got a new tattoo. I do not think these events (the tatt and the painting getting all ready to burst out - think Alien) are coincidence. My life comes together at times with a variety of happenings that seem to join someplace in the ether and express themselves in the sacrement of a canvas. Watching (and feeling) Alice work yesterday with color and form, being jealous that she does so everyday and supports herself with her considerable talent, listening to Alice in Wonderland on NPR on Thursday, being a jerk, being inspired by the people closest to me, drawing upon new imagery & new colors, seeing new artists and seeing old ones with a new eye. Then this morning, I'm laying in bed and this little painting (actually, I think it might be kinda big when it's all growed up) just introduces itself to me.

Later this morning, I get to take the bandage off and see my new shoulder. I can't wait. It's like a birthing, and I love births! I want to say thank you to Alice, who inked me, and to my wonderful partner, Laura, who designed my tattoo. Poor Laura! I made her go through several drawings as I said, "no. It needs to be fatter," or longer... or try a different curve in this area... But then one drawing, I just said... "That's it!" And it was perfect. She was so patient with me, and there's no way I could have done it without her. She is a brilliant artist. As for Alice - I'd recommend her to anyone. She listened to me, conferred with my designer, made me feel comfortable, ran a clean shop, and was reasonably priced to boot. Very professional. It was an absolute pleasure working with her.


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