Sunday, November 23, 2003

Great. Now they've poisoned our vegetables, too
Food-Borne Illness From Produce on the Rise
So much for eating vegetables to stay healthy, huh? Looks like the culprit is food imported from countries with weak health standards. But hey, protest the free trade agreements, and you're beat up by police and investigated by the FBI, so just shut up and eat what George Bush tells you to eat.
--From the article: "Dr. Tauxe of the Centers for Disease Control said: "As far as I know there is not a mandatory requirement that water used to rinse or ice or wash vegetables be potable. There are guidelines recommending this, but in terms of fairness we don't require other countries to meet standards that aren't required in this country."

And I must add that everytime you prepare fruits or vegetables, even if you got them from an organic farmer's market, wash them before you eat them, and keep your countertops and cutting boards clean.


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