Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving
Bwahaha. Nobody give Laura chocolate covered gummi bears for her birthday. If I hear one more time that she wants chocolate covered gummi bears for her birthday, I will single handedly sabotage the world's supply of the little devils, ensuring she never gets another single one of them.

On to what it is for which I am thankful...
I was going to say Laura, but all this whining about how she wants chocolate covered gummi bears for her birthday has me a little wavering on that one right now. She's being quite the pill.

Sebastian still makes the list. He is, without question, the single greatest person who has ever lived. How could I have been any luckier? If he had a laser cannon coming out of his chest, he couldn't be any cooler. He is amazing in his knack for being the center of attention in what ever space he occupies, due to everyone's recognition of his greatness and charm. When this boy turns three, the world could be in trouble. The world, after all, has never been forced to deal with anyone containing so much damn charm.

I'm thankful that I have all of life's necessities, plus several luxuries. I'm thankful that I don't currently live in a war zone, (even if some people disagree with that.) I'm thankful that there are literally millions of people today choosing not to kill an innocent turkey out of a disgusting "tradition" because those people choose to live a more peaceful life. And I'm thankful that Laura is one of those people. (Thanks, La! You rule, and I'll see to it you get those chocolate covered gummi bears as a reward!)

Kisses to everyone! Don't forget my birthday is tomorrow, you generous readers!


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