Thursday, November 06, 2003

How to stop pop-up windows
FTC disables pop-up ad firm
This article contains instructions on how to block the pop-up windows. Interestingly, it's from Microsoft, who could have solved this problem long ago. Another solution to internet browser pop-up windows is to use Mozilla (download Firebird) instead of IE, as IE allows pop-up ads, but Mozilla blocks all those annoying things unless you specifically tell it to allow them, and you can choose to only allow them from certain domains if you wish. I think the "Double-D" corp that was shut down is the infamous popuppadlock people. If they're not, I'd be shocked. I got their crap for awhile before I finally figured out how to block them a few weeks ago, using the method in this article. (Also: reading slashdot is good for you!)


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