Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I'm up, I'm up
Today's just one of those days when I'm up at 6AM, and there's just not a whole lot I can do about it. It blows, but you know... I'm up.

Going to the library today. Have to return Stardust by Neil Gaiman, even though I'm not done with it. La has it on hold though, so we'll get it back soon and I'll finish it then. She read Stardust, and loved it. From what I have read, it's brilliant, and should become a classic of American (kinda British) literature. [Okay - he's a Brit who lives in Minnesota.] I did finish Bushwhacked by Molly Ivins, my favorite Texan. She's a good woman, and I admire her fight, but something tells me she lost some of her jolly sense of humor through this tradgedy of the Regime of Bush the Second. Made me kind of depressed to be honest. Chapter 14 on Bush's Judicial appointments made me want to cry. Al Franken's book is definitely the funnier.

If we beat this guy a year from now, I'm having a party. Moderate R's have to jump the aisle. They have to see this guy as being as horrible as he is. He is the President of the extremely wealthy and of Fundamentalist Christians, two groups of people who I really can't stand. We need a Populist. Even if the Populist isn't actually a Liberal. We have to clean up our system. It's no longer a surprise to Americans that their politicians are completely bought and sold. Your average Joe does not see himself as part of his "democracy" because he knows he doesn't have enough money to buy his way into his government.

Today is Election Day, and in Portland we have the opportunity to take steps toward buying our Electric Company from Enron. We have been completely screwed by Enron, and making the electric company, the worst run monopoly in town, a public corporation is obviously the answer. And yet, there's a huge money campaign filled with lies and scare tactics ("government takeover!!") and the local right wing newspaper (is there any other kind anymore?), The Oregonian, has come out against it. They lied, and told people that the utility was well run and that inexperienced government officials taking over the company was "risky." Fucking assholes. I can't believe people are so stupid that they believe that their utility rates will go up if they take away the millions of dollars to pay executives and the need to produce a profit for the shareholders. Could anyone have a worse reputation than Enron? And yet, these stupid right-wingers are actually trying to make the city look like the greedy and incompetent ones. Please, Portlanders... let's win this one for ourselves. Kick Enron's greedy ass out of here!


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