Monday, November 24, 2003

Monday Morning thoughts
Simpsons: Hit & Run is wonderful so far. It's way better than was, and doesn't have that same dreadful feeling of "I'm being ripped off" associated with it. This is the first Simpsons game I've played (am I the only one who reads reviews?) and it's what I've been wanting - the ability to run (& drive) around Springfield. It's brilliant.

The Medicare Bill gets the big thumbs down. Republicans are bizarre in their uncanny ability to side against the people. Their like the anti-populists. And the AARP, who gets 30% of their income now endorsing insurance companies is supporting the bill because it benefits insurance companies. Great. (A single payer system which put all of the insurance companies out of business would relieve the need for R's to hand our country over to them, btw.) Good for corporations, bad for the elderly. And Bush will use his huge cache of cash to convince gullible Americans that this bill was passed over D's objections to help the country (and probably is part of fighting evil arab people.) Hopefully, the few brave D's in the Senate can block the bill with a fillibuster.

4 Shopping Days left until my birthday! Better fed-ex it at this point, with Thanksgiving on Thursday!

Sniper case: So let me get this straight: If another person is murdered, everyone will feel better? You people are sick.


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