Wednesday, November 12, 2003

More clueless media posts this headline tonight: "Bombing comes despite attacks on insurgents" followed by, "Despite nearly a week of stepped-up offensive measures by the U.S. military against Iraqi insurgents, guerrillas were able to strike the Italian military police headquarters in Nasiriya Wednesday, killing at least 26 people." Now I have to ask: are they really that stupid? "Even though we keep attacking them and trying to kill them, they just keep fighting. We thought all the morters and bullets would make them love us." How many Americans would roll over for an occupying military from a country we've been taught to despise our whole lives, like from say... Iran, or Cuba, or North Korea. Would we not fight? Would we not put bombs together and attack them? Do the Neo-cons and their completely compliant American media really still believe the nonsense about them welcoming us as liberators?


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