Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Salon has their lead story today about the "Craven Broadcasting System" that goes over some reacion to the cancelling of the Reagan miniseries after right wing groups mounted pressure against them. It's interesting, but I really get the idea that the series was cancelled because Moonves was really himself in agreement with the right-wingers. He probably is one of those delusional people who have come to believe that Ronald Reagan was actually a rather decent, loving guy, so when Reagan was presented from a left leaning perspective, the conservative network exec threw a fit. This is not a case of a progressive, free thinking person being cowardly in the face of right wing bullies, it's a case of a right wing bully agreeing with other right wing bullies. And any accusation of a "liberal media" should be henceforth laughed away.

On The Matrix
Well, it's pretty difficult to find anything positive written about Revolutions, but the critics seem to be pretty honest about their disappointment: they are exhausted by the length of it all. It was cool, but it got old. I'll probably see the movie anyway. I like the matrixy look and feel, and enjoy the still-unique reality-bending that underlies the series.


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