Sunday, November 09, 2003

Phenominally ugly, inbred family has trouble bearing children - Premature baby for UK royals - Nov. 9, 2003
Granted, I can't find the direct relation between blue-blooded Countess Sophie and her husband, Edward (youngest brother of Charles, & only one of Elizabeth II's four children yet to be divorced.) But so far in my search, my favorite little fact is that Edward, the father of the baby just born, is the son of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip, who are cousins on both their maternal AND paternal sides. Yikes! And Sophie's last pregnancy was ectopic, you say? And these people actually think their sperm is superior?

The Americans fought their revolution against this family starting 1776. The French cut all the heads off of the people in their country who claimed to have blue blood starting in 1789. The Russians murdered their good-for-nothing, oppressive royal family in 1917. So what the fuck is taking the British people so long to get around to removing these assholes' heads? All of this family's wealth should be confiscated and put into the British Treasury. Their stolen jewels should be auctioned off or given back to the countries from which they were theived. Their heads should be violently removed from their bodies so as to eliminate their silly claims to their positions of wealth and power based solely on their family status. These people have proven over and over again to be completely immoral, totally without redeemable qualities, and inbred to the point of being visible genetic abominations.

More to come soon on the soon to be released Prince Charles sex scandal!

Quick history of succession:
Queen Victoria (d. 1901) passed to her oldest son,
Edward VII (d. 1910) passed to his oldest son,
George V (d. 1936) passed to his oldest son,
Edward VIII who wanted to marry the wrong type of person, so was forced to abdicate to his younger brother,
George VI (d. 1952) who had no sons, and therefore had to pass the monarchy to the inferior genered female*, his oldest daughter,
Elizabeth II (still amazingly alive thanks to modern technological wonders.)

* as evidence of the ongoing second class status of females to these horrible people, Anne is Elizabth II's second oldest child, but as the only female of the four, is fourth of them in line for the throne, 9th overall, behind her little brother's offspring born yesterday.


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