Sunday, November 02, 2003

Republicans freaking out over upcoming CBS Reagan miniseries - RNC asks to review 'The Reagans' - Oct. 31, 2003
Wow. They want to see it before it airs, and if CBS won't let them, they want CBS to run a crawler describing their show as "inaccurate." These people are just thu8gs. Reagan was and still is one of the most evil persons that we have ever had as our President. Along with Nixon and the current despicable fuck, he has done more harm to our Country than anyone since the entire inbred South committed treason and seceeded in 1861. (Alright, Coolidge was pretty fucking bad, too.) And just a reminder that the invite still stands - the day Ronald Reagan dies, their is a celebratory party at my house that night. No formal invitation needed - just show up with party favors - we're throwin' down.


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