Thursday, November 13, 2003

Resterant Review: Starky's
Starky's sucked. I've lived at my house for 6 years, and this place is a block away and tonight was the first time I actually went there. My hunch was right - the place is a total rip off. Let's start with the decor... there is none. Gray painted walls made of wood shingles. I'm serious. They make up for this by turning the lights way down and putting candles on the tables next to pathetic artwork on the wall. The menu had exactly zero things on it not containing dead animals. In southeast Portland. Again... I'm serious. Not one vegetarian item. I had to ask them to make me one of their pasta dishes with no meat. And we asked if there was anything at all that we could get my son that was vegetarian, and he suggested they could get him a plate of spinich. The margarita they brought me was made with cheap margarita mix and tasted horrible. La hated her vodka and cranberry. One plus: the waiter was very nice. He got a good tip. Every one of the other dollars I spent there felt like theft.


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