Monday, November 24, 2003

Yet another reason I'm no longer Catholic
Amid Acceptance of Gays, a Split on Marriage Issue
This quote: As Ms. Hall, 55, listened, her eyes widened. "I just don't agree," she said. "You marry to procreate. You can't procreate if you marry someone from the same sex. As a Catholic, I feel very strongly about this. My religion doesn't permit me to agree with that kind of lifestyle."

I can't imagine basing an opinion on Constitutional rights on what my religion "permitted me" to believe. Nor can I even understand how anyone of any religion can see marriage solely as a means of procreation. What a dismal view of a lifelong, loving partnership. Should all marriages be annulled once people are past the procreating age? What the hell? Should people unable to have children for other reasons, like sterility, be barred from marriage? And even if marriage is in some way used for procreation, why should other marriages be prohibited?


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