Monday, December 08, 2003

Interesting article evaluating the health issues of the Atkins / low carb diets Technology | Vegans vs. Atkins
I guess balance in reporting means that if people are "pro-animal rights" then you conclude they are not objective. Wow. That makes sense. No one could be objectively pro-animal rights. That's not the position of the auther per se, but she gives the argument weight in her story. Give someone the choice of two breakfasts: one is a bowl of shredded wheat cereal and a glass of carrot juice. The other is a plate of bacon. Which is better for you? If you answered the plate of bacon, you have been successfully brainwashed, and your diet if probably going to kill you.
Don't miss this link from the story, which is bona-fide, quality, scientific criticism of the diet from a nutritionist at Tufts. Including this quote on how they attempt to tweak Atkins to make it better, "Granted, we could have taken a stab at tweaking the menu for each phase—limiting some of the foods high in saturated fat, like creamy dressings, whipped cream, cream cheese, bacon, and butter and replacing the calories from those items with calories from fruits, whole grains, and low- and nonfat dairy products. But then it wouldn’t have resembled the Atkins plan anymore. It would have begun to morph from the unnecessarily restrictive and nutritionally deficient diet that it is into one that more resembles a plain old healthful diet."

And I just finished my organic, seven grain cereal with low-fat milk and a sliced banana on top. And I say that just to make the Atkins-freaks have the heart attack they're due.


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