Friday, December 12, 2003

More information on our heroic men in uniform - U.S. officer fined for harsh interrogation tactics - Dec. 12, 2003
I mean, golly, it's not like torture is that big of a deal. This guy is a hero, right? So we'll just fine him a little bit of money - we won't fire him or put him in jail. I mean, golly it's just torture. I'm so glad these brave men are representing me to the rest of the world. Just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Update: a whopping 61% of respondants to a CNN poll think that the $5000 fine levied to West for torturing a prisoner is "too much" with just 19% responding "too little." Good to know my fellow citizens are resolutely pro-torture. That's just great. Fucking jim-dandy.


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