Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Some thoughts on email
There's about 100 sites that just anyone could find through google that will give out free email accounts. Plus, your ISP is likely to give you 5-10 accounts with your monthly service. Yet we still have employers being total dickheads about how their workers use their work email accounts. "Don't use it for personal use!" Why? I mean, companies that don't know me from George Bush will let me use their accounts pretty much all I want, but the place where I (hypothetically) give the bulk of my waking hours won't let me communicate with family & friends using their precious resources? Why is it so commonplace for employers to treat their employees so poorly? If they're worried about security breaches, doesn't that pretty much say that your IT department can't cut it? And don't tell me about resources, computer memory is next to free these days.

Warcraft III
I have discovered Warcraft III's allure, and it's really freaking cool.

Arrived yesterday from Amazon, even though we used the free standard shipping. It was officially released yesterday. If I knew that, and paid extra for the faster shipping, I'da been peeved. And Firefly kicks ass. If you've ever had a reason to pie Rupert Murdoch (as if FoxNews wasn't enough reason) cancelling Firefly after airing only 12 episodes gives you another.

Will someone please give me a job? I am quite capable, but I might bitch back if you whine about how I use company email.


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