Sunday, December 14, 2003

Ya know, I bitch too much on my blog
I just did a quick read through, and I come accross as the most angry bastard this side of Fox News. I'm generally a fairly jovial guy, who consideres himself to be lucky in life, and crazy-fortunate in love. I've got a great house, with a great family, wonderful friends, and soft cats. I just get pissed at my government and/or the media on pretty much a daily basis. So sorry about that. This blog needs more happy to balance the piss & vineger. So today's wonderful thing... Well, Saddam was captured. And Laura and I are working on super secret plans to be revealed in the hopefully near future, which will be fun for the whole family. And I've got chocolate in the fridge whose days are severely numbered.

Happy Birthday goes out to my friend, Carrie (yet another beautiful Sag girl 12/15.) She's all gimpy from foot surgery, and we're wishing a quick recovery on that. She's one of the people in the world which makes it all worth the trouble, ya know?


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