Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Your American beef supply
This is the email I just wrote to my Mom, who responded to my plea to not eat meat with "PSHAW"
Pshaw? No Mom - it really was found. Check the news. BSE is so horrible that the Red Cross will not let you donate blood if you have spent more than 6 months in the UK. They don't even ask if you had beef. And they found one contageous animal at the slaughterhouse, and that animal's flesh was ripped up and put into the nation's beef supply. Of course the Bush Administration is saying the supply is safe - what do you expect? "Don't buy meat, because I want my rich donors to lose tons of your money?" "We did a recall, because we're concerned about people's health more than profit?" They tested one animal who was showing symptoms and it was positive. They did not test his herd-mates. This is a contageous disease. You were a nurse! You know what that means! Other steer have this disease. Do you really believe the Ag deptartment (the mega-ag business' chamber of commerce) when they say that only one animal had it - please don't worry - keep clogging your arteries with beef?

It's out there - and it's in the food supply N-O-W. Please at least hold off on eating beef for a little while - you'll survive, I promise. Just wait and see what happens. If it's no big deal, and no other animal tests positive for awhile, then go back and have more cows killed on your behalf, but in the mean time, just be safe because it's the sensible thing to do.

Why do you think so many countries have banned the import of American beef? It's the same reason your government sensibly banned the import of British beef a while back. Because there's no reason to assume it's not going to kill the people who eat it. Eating the beef that is currently being circulated is foolish.

And on that topic - if Mad Cow Disease won't get you to pass on your precious steak, what would? I mean - how bad does it have to get before you say, "gee, perhaps I'll eat something else."??

Remember Night of the Living Dead? The zombies wanted to eat their brains, and it was really scary? Well, this disease eats your brain. While you're alive. It is really that bad.


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