Saturday, September 27, 2003

Food Update!
I am currently gorging myself on Hint O' Mint Newman-O's - and Can I just give a big shout-out to my main man, Paul Newman!? - these cookies have zero -zero I say- hydrogynated oils in them at all and no high fructose corn syrup. Thanks, Paul.

Friday, September 26, 2003

The next segment of Normals getting mad about nudity
This article in the Albuquerque Tribune is an opinion piece about nude bathing in hot springs, and police arresting people in New Mexico. Puritanism is just so darned healthy.

New Matrix Trailer Released
Today at the official website there's a new Revolutions trailer. Cool.

But the Cat Came Back
~As sung by Rowlf on the Muppett Show~
Little Benny had a cat
That they wouldn't let him keep
So he put her up for sale
At a Price he thought was cheap
He took her to a neighbor
To ask Him for advice
He said "Leave the kitty here,
She'll help me with the mice."
But the cat came back
She wouldn't stay away
She was sittin' on the porch
The very next day
The cat came back
She didn't want to roam
The very next day
It was home sweet home
Little Benny met a man
Who was drivin' way out West
He would give the cat a ride
As a special, honored guest
The Steering Wheel was wobbly
He drove into a tree
The car was just a total wreck
As anyone could see
But the cat came back
She wouldn't stay away
She was sittin' on the porch
The very next day
The cat came back
She didn't want to roam
The very next day
It was home sweet home
Little Benny got a gun
From the Human Cannonball
He put the cat inside
(And tried Nitro-tally-wall) (??)
When Benny pulled the trigger
the cannon made a roar
the neighbors all surrendered
'cause they thought it was a war
But the cat came back
She wouldn't stay away
She was sittin' on the porch
The very next day
The cat came back
She didn't want to roam
The very next day
It was home sweet home
Little Benny gave the cat
To a man who had a bomb
Took the cat away
She was acting cool & calm
And then the bomb exploded
It made an awful sound
They looked and looked for ages
But the man was never found
But the cat came back
She wouldn't stay away
She was sittin' on the porch
The very next day
The cat came back
She didn't want to roam
The very next day
It was home sweet home

The Food Industry lobbyists News | New food pyramid runs into opposition
The same people who bring you high fructose corn syrup and hydrogynated oils and insist they are "part of" a balanced diet, are opposing the new food pyramid because it encourages fat-assed Americans to eat less and exercise more. I shit you not. They are opposed to that messege. They think the pyramid should be designed to keep the small percentage of Americans at their healthy weight rather than focus on the eating habits of the vast - and I mean "vast" - portion of the country who are hugely fat.

Love this template!
I officially adore this new template, called "Currency" If anyone has any problems loading it, let me know!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Slow boggin' Day
Perhaps tomorrow will have more to offer...

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Book review round-up:
Salon has an excerpt from Molly Ivins' new book "Bushwhacked" which reads as engagingly as her brilliant writing always does. I have had a place in the hold line at the county library for a long-assed time now, and I can't wait to get my greedy mitts on a copy. Just two days ago, I got my copy of "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them" by Al Franken (again from the very helpful library system here in Multnomah County) and it is fantastic. If you have not yet delved into this tome, don't deny yourself the pleasure.

Everyone is a baby from time to time, and right now, it's my turn
I want my way. It's my life and I should be able to get my way. If I want to be foolish or irresponsible, fine. Let me. Why is is desirable to stop me? Why can't I just make my own mistakes (or push the envelope) and see what life holds?

Our Society is completely paranoid
A three year old girl is photographed frolicing in a pool topless. Wal-Mart employees call the police when they process the photos. Police question woman for 45 minutes. These people need clues shoved down their throats. :sheesh: story

There's an article about the new Sandman on CNN. Sandman, if you don't know already, is a comic series by Neil Gaiman who is a fantastic writer in many genres. His children's books, like Coraline are brilliant. Sandman is the story of the Dream King, who goes by many names. He is an endless, not a god or mortal. The Endless are all siblings who conduct various mischief and antics (or high drama, but well...

New Feature Story in Salon. This guy's suddenly getting all the pub.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

You're lucky day, catphile blog groupies!
So I wanted to put a picture of myself up for people to check out, and since I know you all want to see my stylin' nipple piercing, I even posted a picture of me with my shirt off. Yep. When you stop panting with anticipation, the picture is linked over there on the left.

And the headline brings up a good point: I need a name for catphile blog groupies, you know... in the sprit of "Deadheads" and such. I expect this request will get about the same response as my request for good names for the blog (still rifling through the thousands of suggestions, good readers!)

Further shocking news
Air Force Ignored Abuse at Academy, Inquiry Reports
What a shocker, huh? I can't believe anyone who was in the U.S. armed services could be anything other than a hero. I mean, these guys are the bravest, most wonderful, upstanding people in the world! Suggesting otherwise would be treason, and a seriously immoral thing to do. These guys are risking their lives to fight for democracy the world over. So I'm sure the reports that nearly one in five female cadets at the academy think they have been raped by a fellow student and that the school's administration knew of the problem and did nothing to stop it from happening is all some part of a treasonous, liberal plot to help the terrorists!

The Cool Tech news of the day
Alright Sci-fi geeks, a recent conference declared the idea of a Space elevator to be cheap enough and feasable to have one up and running only 10 to 20 years from now. Our government needs to fund this before they close business today! NYTimes: An Elevator to Space

Maurice Clarett's saga story
Clarett has never had much support from me as a player or sympathy from me as being "disrespected" by his school and the NCAA because he flouts the rules. But in his suit against the NFL, he's absolutely right. The NFL has a rule that says players have to be out of high school for three years before they can play. This is probably a good idea for the league, but it's so unfair to amateurs wanting a job that it has to be declared illegal. If you're only marketable skill is running with a football, how many people can give you jobs? Sure you could go to Canada, or for slightly more money play in the SEC, but the only place to really reap millions is the NFL. The NFL would be wise to quickly settle this matter with Clarett out of court to avoid a ruling that their rule is illegal. They could postpone such a finding for a few years (until the next guy seeks judicial equity) by just saying that they're going to make an exception in this special case and hold a Clarett lottery with every team's name in a drum. Then to sweeten the deal (remember, they really don't want a judge touching this) they should make him eligible this season for the winning team. It's time for the NFL lawyers to get smart and lick Maurice's boots.

Just a quick insider blogging note
The good folks at blogspot give me free software and free server space to spew forth my meaningless rantings here. If I decide I want to upgrade to a premium service, I could include images and have guest comments. But other blogging services are not so reasonable. expects its bloggers to pay (you might want to sit down for this... oh wait, you are sitting down) $40 to blog. For $40, I could get the Simpsons Season 3 on DVD, fer cryin' out loud. People generally will not pay for a service that they can get for free elsewhere. And the software I use here ("Blogger") is open source and very cool.

UPDATE: from Salon Blog FAQ's:
Why should I set up a blog with Salon Blogs when there are free alternatives?
We know there are lots of choices out there for blogging software. Radio UserLand stands out for its ease of installation, its strong integration of news feeds, its flexibility and its community features. No other blogging tool gets a non-technically skilled user on the Web as quickly and painlessly. Also, Salon Blogs users will automatically be part of a community of Salon-based bloggers, which will help you get the word about and bring visitors to read what you write.

Well, Blogger is extremely easy to use, so I'd throw their first argument out. As for getting the word out... I have no idea how to stream trffic to my blog, and I have no idea if even a single person is reading it. (except Lee, who sent me that email. Thanks, Lee! LEE! LEE! LEE!) I'd bet that if you're not in the top 10 Salon blogs, it's not much different for you as it is for me. And blogger also lists several notable blogs on their homepage. Send me ideas to increase blog traffic. What's the point of doing this if it doesn't make me the center of attention?

Monday, September 22, 2003

A stupid Poem
I didn't live to be dead
I built this cage
I gave you the keys
I put myself in
And shut the door
I could make the cage disappear
With the snap of my fingers
But I don't
Because the Freedom I seek
Can only be granted by you
The freedom it takes to live
Has to be given as a gift
And you can grant that
But you don't
Because the Freedom I seek
Is not something you could control
Once you unlock the door
But what you don't know
Is that I'll fly back home
And go back in my cage
And you'll still have the keys
The draw home is stronger
Than you think
But you'll need to set me free again
Because the Freedom I seek
Can only be granted by you
And without it
I'm dead

Boy, am I in the doghouse. Laura is really pissed at me. I am male, watch me screw things up.

Good news on polls
The President's number's are down. And these numbers show D's with whom the public is totally unfamiliar polling ahead of the President in hypothetical races. Cool. We're kicking this guy to the street. 15 more months to Inauguration.

Tonight, at 2:47 AM (tuesday the 23rd) Sol crosses the Equator and will hang out in the Southern Hemisphere for six months. It's okay, we've been hogging him up here for the last sixth months. For astrologers, that means the Sun leaves Virgo and enters Libra. This is very important, but I have no idea why. We will be colder and darker until March, when Sol comes back and enters Aries. By that time, I will be 32 years old.

R.I.P Galileo
The Jovian probe plunged to it's death yesterday. Through it's 14 year life it provided humanity with knowledge, making it far more productive than most actual humans. (its namesake being a notable exception to that.) I do, however, take exception to one thing the AP said in the article. "Scientists consider... Europa, the most likely place in the solar system to harbor life." Ahem... not quite. I'm a little curious about a particular tub in the back of my fridge. (other places on Earth also might be slightly more likely than Europa to harbor life, too.)

A good explanation of one of my RIAA problems
This article goes over a little history of powerful groups trying to prevent the deployment of new technology because they saw it as a threat. History shows that those people always lose, some less gracefully than others. "From 1999 to 2001, if you enabled the R.I.A.A. to have the plug of the Internet, they would unplug it."

Sun Microsystems break through
New technology could make circuit boards obsolete and make computers 100 times faster than current technological limitations. Cool.

And the liberal media strikes again
This time with a wave of new TV shows promoting Christianity! Barf.

So you've had a bad day
You know that truism that someone else always has it worse than you do? These are those people. The information in this article is the kind of stuff that we shouldn't have to know. If you want to maintain ignorance on the topic (recommended) then don't read it. [Good article with which to deliver the ol' challenge: if you believe there exists an-all powerful and all-loving entity, please explain how this does not disprove that.]

And for breakfast today...
A slightly better cereal. Barbara's Shredded Wheat has the coolest ingredient list of any cereal on the market. It reads, "100% Whole Wheat." What, no high fructose corn syrup? No hydrogynated vegetable oils? Yeah - barbara rules. Now go make an organic version, and I'll have a close to perfect breakfast! My favorite cereal ever: Barbara's Shredded Spoonfuls. Yum, Yum, Yum. Also for breakfast this morning: coffee, which is freakin' horrible for me.