Friday, October 10, 2003

Rush gets his Rush
After years of blaming people for their problems, what does Rush have to say about being addicted for years to painkillers and only now getting around to getting his fat ass into rehab? That he has to "break the hold this highly addictive medication has on me." So now it's the drug's fault? What ever happened to personal responsibility, you fucking hypocrite?! After all the daggers he's thrown at people down on their luck, he is now exposed as a long term drug criminal, scoring his oxy the same way the pathetic street bums do.

Now full disclosure: I too have had an addiction to opiates. Unlike Rush, I went through a strict weening regimin and got myself off the damned things. Fuller disclosure: my addiction was with me when I woke up from a coma during and after which I was fed very necessary morphine through an IV.

Rush did also say, "I am no victim and do not portray myself as such. I take full responsibility for my problem." Whatever. Sounds weak after he says that "I chose to treat the pain with prescribed medication. This medication turned out to be highly addictive." Yeah, surprise, surprise, surprise. Opiates are addictive. Thanks for the upgrade to 19th century knowledge on the topic, idiot.

An idiot's reaction (SunnComm's reaction)
You know, it's possible the DMCA, givin how reactionary that legislation is, actually supports this lawsuit, but it really strikes me as unjust. The Princeton student who exposed the latest attempt by the RIAA to prevent people from ripping their new cd with their computer (obviously fair use) is being sued by the pathetically impotent company (SunnComm) that wrote the anti-copying software protection. SunnComm claims to have lost $10 million dollars in value since he told the world that their software didn't work. Can you imagine similar suits in other industries? Consumer Reports says that the new Ford tested poorly, so people are less likely to buy the new Ford, so Ford sues Consumer Reports? Sorry guys, you're software sucks. Don't sue the messenger.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Al Franken for Governor of California
I just finished Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them; A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right and it was brilliant. Remind me to hand pick 14 Harvard students to help me research my next book, okay? The effort shows. This book is not just hilarious, but it's a scathing indictment of W. and his ilk. The world needs ten or twenty more Al Frankens out there fighting the good fight. To Al, (who I'm sure has my blog bookmarked by now) thank you.

New $20 bills released
The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing has released the new twenties. This is a PSA to my hundreds of thousands of loyal readers.

Apple to introduce iTunes for Windows!
As reported on Slashdot, Apple has a media event scheduled for next week at which they are very likely to unveil itunes for Windows!! WooHoo! As one of the people who used itunes on the mac before switching to the cheaper and expandable PC platform, I've been searching in vein for a music cataloging / mp3 player suite that comes close to itunes, but have been disappointed. If you've never seen it, grab it when it comes out. I can't wait.

Full Moon tonight
The Moon is full and it's in Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. Aries is combative and aggressive. As a result, all the typical full moon madness is exaggerated. Those of us with our Moon in Aries :big guilty smiley: will feel right at home in the madness.

Just a scary thought
Since there are great forces preventing both the Cubs and the Red Sox from winning the World Series, if both win their respective LCS, it seems likely that we'd be facing some horrific event, bad enough to cancel the series and prevent either team from winning. The Apocolypse may soon be upon us, and it's forcing us to root for the Yankees.

Urban Outfitters: racism or trendy humor? - 'Ghettopoly' game causes outrage - Oct. 9, 2003
UO's is selling a monopoly-like game that sounds pretty freakin' bad. And I don't mean 'bad' like good. I mean 'bad' like this is destined to be the favorite of all your sub-Urban outfitted little racist groups of brats-bad. I seriously doubt the mall shopping, thick necked, SUV driving masses are really going to get this in a humorous, no offense intended fashion.

Please don't feed the bears
story Okay people - leave mother nature alone. It's not a difficult thing to do. And please, leave innocent bears out of your stupid death wishes, okay? Two bears lost their life in this, and that is actually a tradgedy.

Those 'heroic' NYPD
Springsteen reportedly snubbed by NYPD
Police officers are truly an interesting lot. They fight crime like batman by day, but when their own commit murder, they rally around the criminals like automatans. So Bruce Springsteen writes a little folk song about a guy getting murdered by NYPD, and the NYPD respond by acting like little babies.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Slow blogging day
There was a bunch to write about today, but I wasn't in the mood. When I work up a really good Gov. Arnold rant, I let that fly. Laura today purchased the world's best gummi bears. I am consuming several as I write this. New Angel tonight. That may be blogged later. blog, blog, blog. Orson, one of my cats, has apparent gastro-intestinal issues. The evidence is the little puddles of stomach contents I keep finding with black hair in it. Probably hair balls, but he's not gotten any good ones up lately. What else? Oh yeah - freaking fox is showing the wrong baseball game. Who the hell cares about the American League? Or at least, who cares about the ALCS south or west of New Jersey?

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

I hate sports, but...
Sometimes cool things happen. Sammy Sosa just hit a 2-run home run with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth with the cubbies down 2 to tie it and send it to extries. The tenth just started. That was cool no matter what happens now.

GE lightbulbs
I always try to avoid buying GE lightbulbs, because I still feel the ol' GE Boycott. But it's quite difficult, because almost all of the bulbs sold in this country are GE. So anyway, couldn't find any non-GE colored bulbs last time out, and we use colored bulbs on our front porch to cut down light pollution, right? So we buy the freaking bulbs, and tonight as I tried to install them, the two pack contained two duds. Both of them are useless. It's like some magic diety telling me to never buy GE shit ever again. Message received.

Dan Savage interview
I can't believe I almost missed this interview with Dan Savage at suicide girls.

If I'm ever tempted...
Remind me never to let anybody castrate me on my dining room table for $800. Fake doctor charged in castration case

So CNN's coverage of music wars really bugs me
They have an extreme conflict of interest, and they never report file sharing as anything other than horrible, depraved acts of criminals. Seriously, look through their archives and find a single sympathetic story - it's all about the stealing for them. Such bullshit.

Fitzgerald & Nickles story
Two extremely right wing jerks in the Senate announced this week that they will not seek further terms. Good news. Oklahoma (Nickles & Inhofe) has one of the farthest right wing pairs in the Senate (although many Alabamans would shoot their shotguns into the air to earn the title for their pair of Nazis) and Illinois never had any excuse for electing Fitzgerald. (Or else you could just point out that there are a bunch of pro-life Catholics in Illinois who vote for R's). Anywho - it's an opening for the D's to get at least one part of our government back. Toss Bush next year, and we could be back on our way to a government run with some respect for rationality.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Another Shameless Plug
I'm going to recommend software: go to Mozilla and download the latest version of Mozilla Firebird. It is a small quick download. It's free both in terms of cost and in terms of how it's distributed. It's open source. It is not developed with the intent to make shareholders lots of money, which many people feel is un-American, but it is made to give people a free, easy way to traverse the web. If you are using Internet Explorer, you really owe yourself the opportunity to be amazed at the quality of Firebird. Yes, it's still beta (version 0.7 is coming soon) but it might well be one of the best designed pieces of software you'll "own."
Their page on why you should switch.

To readers: when you do switch, email me and tell me about your experience! The more people I can turn on to Mozilla, the better world we'll live in.

Survey says
92% of respondents to a fox news poll believe the allegations of groping against Arnold are politically motivated smear tactics. Hmm. Perhaps that audience is a little frighteningly right wing?

Oh you know you want to meet that special someone...
Why not make it a special someone who likes to shoot things? Oh yeah, baby! U.S. Military is the place to meet your right-wing lover! And yes, I did get the link on Fox News.

California is way ahead of most of the rest of the country in terms of environmental policy and social tolerance, but tomorrow they are going to do something monumnetally stupid and elect Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger their governor. It's amazing how stupid Americans can be when they act en masse. This guy has no qualifications to lead any governmental agency. His behavior makes Bill Clinton's look like Jimmy Carter's, and his most loyal supporters in California are so blinded by the advancement of their Party that they can't see this jerk objectively. How anyone can have respect for Republicans at any level is beyond me.

Robert Novak: anti-American & pro-terrorist
Novak says it's up to the government to protect their secrets, not him, so he didn't do anything wrong outing a CIA Agent as she was overseas working under cover in the Middle East. Nice to know those conservatives are all about the personal responsibility, no? Even if writing the story was legal, was it ethical? It was being published to further the Bush Administration's thuggish objective to silence critics. The price was risking the life of a loyal American doing the business of the US government. That business? Protecting us from WMD's potentially being produced by terrorists. Balance each side of the moral dilemma facing Novak (not to mention the people in the Administration doing the leaking) and decide which side you're on: America or the Republicans? It's pretty clear that this leak and the publishing of the same by Novak were decidedly anti-American and definitely pro-terrorist.

The Cubs
Hey, I'm thrilled that the Cubs have won a playoff series (first series victory since 1908) and made it to the NLCS, but let's towel off and back off the "first time in 95 years" nonsense. The Cubs last won a World Series in 1908. The Cubs are a long darned way from winning a World Series this year, so comparing 2003 to 1908 as though they were equal is ludicrous. The Cubs proceeded to win something like 5 pennents between 1908 and 1945, which was the last time they won a pennent. If the Cubs win the NLCS, there will be reason to celebrate - the first Cubs' series since 1945. Winning a divisional series is nice, but they haven't even had divisional series in MLB for ten years now. This is nice stuff, with hope for more, but it's still just a divisional series win, not the end of the curse.

Male contraceptive
I love the idea of a male 3-month contraceptive injection, but this one doesn't sound good at all. You have to take testosterone under the skin to balance it off? Pretty scary side effect.

Your President is a fucking loser, and other life lessons.
George W. Bush's Medieval Presidency
This is an excellent commentary about the administration's complete disregard for the facts.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Mars and the Moon
Right now, Mars is chasing an almost full moon accross the sky. They rose in the southeast and will set in the southwest just before sunup. They are about due south right now and are stunning, even in the city lights. The Moon is in Aquarius and Mars is in Pisces, so they are right next to each other, and Monday morning (6:20 PST, to be exact) the moon moves into Pisces as well, so this type of show will be going on throughout the full moon. Moon is Full Thursday night

I wanna go back to college
This NYTimes article talks about the expensive new amenities colleges are rolling out to attract students. ND should totally do more of this! If only I had the $300 million.