Saturday, October 25, 2003

Another absolutely revolting story about humanity
The Most Unconventional Weapon
WARNING! Do not read this unless you're up for it. It is disgusting beyond disgusting.
The Sunday New York Times Magazine has this story about cannibalism in the Civil War in the Congo. Do you ever think that maybe human beings are the single most horrible things that have ever existed? At the very least, we are capable of the highest levels of evil. This makes the story about people feeding their infants bacon sound almost palatable.

Sometimes things come along to make me feel like a better parent
This wire story reports on the atrocious diets that toddlers are being fed by their incompetent parents. Who the fuck would feed a child bacon?! That's just disgusting. Do these people care at all about their children? Soda? What the hell are you thinking, people? 29% of kida are fed solid foods before they are 4 months old?! It's supposed to be 6 months on nothing but breastmilk. French Fries? Come on people - are you trying to program them to be fatso's just like Mom & Dad? Gods, this country disgusts me. You people are gross.

Yet another member of the Italian Crime Family goes up the river - Priest gets life for assaulting 13-year-old - Oct. 24, 2003
Hopefully the Church will be left with no assets at all when this is done and they can rediscover the benefits of poverty. That's after they all rot in prison on RICO convictions.

9th grader expelled for what she wrote in her journal - Student's father: Expulsion 'almost surreal' - Oct. 24, 2003
I agree with the Father's perspective here, although we don't get the school's perspective. What the hell is the girl's teacher doing reading her journal after it was confiscated? Seems rather obviously an invasion of the poor girl's privacy. The world is just sad. Couple this with yesterday's story about the kids being RIFD tracked, and it's just wrong. Schools today absolutely suck. I'm sure they'll get it all straightened out before my 2 year old son gets there. Right? Right?!

Friday, October 24, 2003

Zodiac opinion piece
The twelve signs in descending order of what sign I would be if I could be any sign (that means #1 is the best):
12. Pisces
11. Capricorn
10. Virgo
9. Cancer
8. Taurus
7. Gemini
6. Aquarius
5. Libra
4. Aries
3. Scorpio
2. Leo
1. Sagittarius

It's all falling into place... :rubbing hands together and laughing maniacally:
This story from Wired discusses one of the most disturbing things you've read in a long-assed time (even if you read that story about US soldiers massacring entire unarmed Vietnamese villages). We use microchips to id lost cats and dogs, and when we feared they would chip people, they called us paranoid and tried to marginalize us. Now, kids with very little choice are being tracked by their school. Then they can grow up getting used to having absolutely no privacy, and they won't object so much when the cops track them as adults. And those who object will be labeled insane and medicated. great.

Got plans for your Scorpio weekend?
Yesterday the Sun moved into Scorpio. Very early this morning, Mercury followed the Sun into Scorpio. Venus has been in Scorpio for the last two weeks. And the Moon enters Scorpio tonight (actually Saturday 2:08 AM PDT). That's one hell of an alignment in one sign, which bodes for interesting times for all of us. My astrological forecast? Everybody gets lucky! Scorpio is many people's favorite sign because of its strong association with sexual energy, so soak it all up and have some fun this weekend! (All 4 are in Scorpio until Monday 1:55AM PST when the Moon moves on to Sagittarius.)

Also - new Moon at 4:50 AM Saturday, so tonight is very dark.

Huge Storm Imminent!
A Solar flare the size of Jupiter has caused a storm to head toward Earth, and the effectes of the storm will start being felt very soon (approx. noon Eastern.) So if things go all skee-wonkey, that could be it. Armageddon unlikely.
story includes neat shot of Auroral lights.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Update (soon?) for itunes
This CNN article claims that Apple released a bug fix for some Windows configs which caused in some cases catastophic system failures for some users. oops. Funny thing is, you go to their website, and as of right now, there's not a patch available. Then you can open itunes and go to the handy "check for itunes updates" feature (all software should have that option) and it says that mine is the latest version. Hmm. I'll try again later.

Typical Apple crap! We (a million windows users) just downloaded a 19mb program last week that had some serious problems. Apple addressed the issues (good) and released an update (also good). The problem? There's no patch! You have to download the entire fucking program again to get the update. Nice work, Apple - give nothing to your existing customers. Show them that you resent them. Nice job, Jobs. This on the same day they release their upgraded OS 10.3 - for $129, even for existing users of 10.2. What assholes. And if your mac doesn't have the specs to run 10.3, you could go get a reasonably priced upgrade, right? No - you have to buy a whole new $2500 machine, because you can't upgrade Macs. Are they assholes or just dipshits? I am sooooo glad I'm typing this on a PC.

Fuel Efficiency
CNN lists the best gas mileage cars and it looks like there's some options to that H2. Yes - you actually can be more responsible and get a more efficient car. Whoddathunk?

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I ususally don't complain about lawsuits
I think trial lawyers do the country a great service. They are basically heroes for us all. But this lawsuit is bullshit. Violent video games do not cause violence, or I would be out shooting people. I'm not. Therefore, no causation. If millions of people played a video game and only two of those people committed crimes, it could be plausible argues that your sample is actually less likely to commit these crimes. Perhaps growing up in the hills of Tennessee with a house with guns in it were the factors that led to these idiot kids shooting people. Seems more likely than the harmless outlet of playing a game!

Plame blame game: an important update from the Onion
The Onion | CIA-Leak Scapegoat Still At Large
brilliant. Just brilliant.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I'm not a libertarian
But the freaks have a point sometimes just by happenstance, and this statement on the Rush Limbaugh "case" makes excellent points about the hypocrisy of the drug war.

Monday, October 20, 2003

More stories of US military heroics
Elite U.S. Unit Killed Hundreds of Vietnamese Civilians, Report Says (
If you have the stomach to read about the actions of YOUR UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, go ahead and follow the link to the story. This is one of those things I wish I never knew, but even more so, I just wish this shit never happened. For whatever it's worth, I'm sorry to the world for this.

Laser weapons within 10 years?
This Oakland Tribune article goes over these weapons that you really better not miss with. The human capacity to use technology for evil is astounding. At least US soldiers will be more able to shoot tigers in the Bagdad zoo, though.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Oh, and about the itunes
Installed fine on my machine, and I've played with it a bit. So far so perfect. What it did was expose the pathetic excuse I have for computer speakers. I really need a new set of those. But the software is nifty.

One complaint: Apple forced the software to behave as though in mac-OS for window resizing. Window resizing is something Windows does about... hmm... ten thousand times better than mac. But the itunes behaves like it's on mac, meaning you can only resize by the bottom-right corner of the window, rather than resizing anywhere on the perimeter as you can with any other window in this OS.

Shows off Apple's typical arrogance. The fact that it only will run on 2000 or XP shows their pathological disdain for backwards compatability. But they do some things very well, and itunes is one of them.

Note: this is a quality editorial which again points out that some people have had horrible system failures after installing the software which was quite apparently inadequately beta tested.

At what point do you take a really horrific night's sleep and just call it and say, "Okay, fine. It's morning?" We for me, that was about 15 minutes ago, at about ten 'till seven. That's AM on a Sunday. It had something to do with the fact that I got my ears pierced yesterday and so it was next to impossible to get comfortable. Oh, the price of beauty.