Saturday, November 08, 2003

What the hell has become of our society? - Police, school district defend drug raid - Nov. 7, 2003
14 year old kids roughed up by police in their school hallways (no drugs were found) and parents are worried about the kids being violent in school? This looks to me as armed thugs being violent and threatening of our kids in schools - but it's the fucking PIGS! The kids were law-abiding students being roughed up by guys with small penises and badges.

Your Smirking President
NARAL is running a picture of a smirking President Shrub signing the legislation to restrict abortion rights, surrounded by old white men with celebratory looks on their wealthy, aristocratic, fat faces. This picture is worth more than 1000 words. Along with TV spots, it could be the key to one-terming another member of the Bush Ruling Family.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Warning: bullshit from RIAA - Study: Millions delete all music files - Nov. 6, 2003
Umm, yeah. Sure. How do they know this? Because people turned off sharing, right? I've previously pointed out CNN's blatently one-sided coverage of the file-sharing debate, but this is just lazy reporting. Here's what almost certainly happened: people stopped sharing their libraries. Not hard to do without deleting your music library. If people are in fact deleting their Fair use music libraries, then the RIAA is getting even more than the ridiculously one-sided laws already give them.

How to stop pop-up windows
FTC disables pop-up ad firm
This article contains instructions on how to block the pop-up windows. Interestingly, it's from Microsoft, who could have solved this problem long ago. Another solution to internet browser pop-up windows is to use Mozilla (download Firebird) instead of IE, as IE allows pop-up ads, but Mozilla blocks all those annoying things unless you specifically tell it to allow them, and you can choose to only allow them from certain domains if you wish. I think the "Double-D" corp that was shut down is the infamous popuppadlock people. If they're not, I'd be shocked. I got their crap for awhile before I finally figured out how to block them a few weeks ago, using the method in this article. (Also: reading slashdot is good for you!)

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Salon has their lead story today about the "Craven Broadcasting System" that goes over some reacion to the cancelling of the Reagan miniseries after right wing groups mounted pressure against them. It's interesting, but I really get the idea that the series was cancelled because Moonves was really himself in agreement with the right-wingers. He probably is one of those delusional people who have come to believe that Ronald Reagan was actually a rather decent, loving guy, so when Reagan was presented from a left leaning perspective, the conservative network exec threw a fit. This is not a case of a progressive, free thinking person being cowardly in the face of right wing bullies, it's a case of a right wing bully agreeing with other right wing bullies. And any accusation of a "liberal media" should be henceforth laughed away.

On The Matrix
Well, it's pretty difficult to find anything positive written about Revolutions, but the critics seem to be pretty honest about their disappointment: they are exhausted by the length of it all. It was cool, but it got old. I'll probably see the movie anyway. I like the matrixy look and feel, and enjoy the still-unique reality-bending that underlies the series.

Democracy R.I.P
Voters trounce utility takeover, tax
Unbelievable. The power companies spend record amounts of money to defeat sensible legislation, and the idiots I share my world with just fall in line. Money buys elections. There's no other way to put it. The balance? Enron et al spent $1.9 million to defeat the measures while supporters raised $29,000.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

It's official: CBS wusses out - CBS pulls Reagan miniseries - Nov. 4, 2003
What a bunch of pathetic, weak-kneed wimps. Just sickens me.
On the other side of rationality, 86% of those who answered the poll at fox news' website think CBS did the right thing. 11% disagreed with the decision. Fair and balanced audience, huh?

CBS caves on Reagan miniseries - CBS may cancel Reagan mini-series - Nov. 3, 2003
The series is either going to be cancelled or watered down to the extent necessary to please conservatives. So much for Free Speech. I repeat - when that fucker Reagan finally dies, there's a celebration at my house - bring the booze, and we'll party. And no, I won't cave to pressure from the GOP to cancel the event.

The Iraq disaster
Blueprint for a Mess
"At the very least, the bulk of the evidence suggests that what was probably bound to be a difficult aftermath to the war was made far more difficult by blinkered vision and overoptimistic assumptions on the part of the war's greatest partisans within the Bush administration."
This artilce from the Sunday NYTimes does an excellent job exposing the idiotic "plan" the Bushies had for their war. It is, however, a very long article.

I'm up, I'm up
Today's just one of those days when I'm up at 6AM, and there's just not a whole lot I can do about it. It blows, but you know... I'm up.

Going to the library today. Have to return Stardust by Neil Gaiman, even though I'm not done with it. La has it on hold though, so we'll get it back soon and I'll finish it then. She read Stardust, and loved it. From what I have read, it's brilliant, and should become a classic of American (kinda British) literature. [Okay - he's a Brit who lives in Minnesota.] I did finish Bushwhacked by Molly Ivins, my favorite Texan. She's a good woman, and I admire her fight, but something tells me she lost some of her jolly sense of humor through this tradgedy of the Regime of Bush the Second. Made me kind of depressed to be honest. Chapter 14 on Bush's Judicial appointments made me want to cry. Al Franken's book is definitely the funnier.

If we beat this guy a year from now, I'm having a party. Moderate R's have to jump the aisle. They have to see this guy as being as horrible as he is. He is the President of the extremely wealthy and of Fundamentalist Christians, two groups of people who I really can't stand. We need a Populist. Even if the Populist isn't actually a Liberal. We have to clean up our system. It's no longer a surprise to Americans that their politicians are completely bought and sold. Your average Joe does not see himself as part of his "democracy" because he knows he doesn't have enough money to buy his way into his government.

Today is Election Day, and in Portland we have the opportunity to take steps toward buying our Electric Company from Enron. We have been completely screwed by Enron, and making the electric company, the worst run monopoly in town, a public corporation is obviously the answer. And yet, there's a huge money campaign filled with lies and scare tactics ("government takeover!!") and the local right wing newspaper (is there any other kind anymore?), The Oregonian, has come out against it. They lied, and told people that the utility was well run and that inexperienced government officials taking over the company was "risky." Fucking assholes. I can't believe people are so stupid that they believe that their utility rates will go up if they take away the millions of dollars to pay executives and the need to produce a profit for the shareholders. Could anyone have a worse reputation than Enron? And yet, these stupid right-wingers are actually trying to make the city look like the greedy and incompetent ones. Please, Portlanders... let's win this one for ourselves. Kick Enron's greedy ass out of here!

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Republicans freaking out over upcoming CBS Reagan miniseries - RNC asks to review 'The Reagans' - Oct. 31, 2003
Wow. They want to see it before it airs, and if CBS won't let them, they want CBS to run a crawler describing their show as "inaccurate." These people are just thu8gs. Reagan was and still is one of the most evil persons that we have ever had as our President. Along with Nixon and the current despicable fuck, he has done more harm to our Country than anyone since the entire inbred South committed treason and seceeded in 1861. (Alright, Coolidge was pretty fucking bad, too.) And just a reminder that the invite still stands - the day Ronald Reagan dies, their is a celebratory party at my house that night. No formal invitation needed - just show up with party favors - we're throwin' down.