Friday, November 14, 2003

Fox News helps orchestrate Republican publicity stunt | Joe Conason's Journal
Just linking to someone else's blog this time, as Conason has inside juice that I just don't. But this is definitely worth reading as it quotes the memo regarding how fox news wanted to open their "news" broadcast with a big R photo op.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Resterant Review: Starky's
Starky's sucked. I've lived at my house for 6 years, and this place is a block away and tonight was the first time I actually went there. My hunch was right - the place is a total rip off. Let's start with the decor... there is none. Gray painted walls made of wood shingles. I'm serious. They make up for this by turning the lights way down and putting candles on the tables next to pathetic artwork on the wall. The menu had exactly zero things on it not containing dead animals. In southeast Portland. Again... I'm serious. Not one vegetarian item. I had to ask them to make me one of their pasta dishes with no meat. And we asked if there was anything at all that we could get my son that was vegetarian, and he suggested they could get him a plate of spinich. The margarita they brought me was made with cheap margarita mix and tasted horrible. La hated her vodka and cranberry. One plus: the waiter was very nice. He got a good tip. Every one of the other dollars I spent there felt like theft.

Breaking News - Alabama chief justice removed from office - Nov. 13, 2003
Depending on your perspective, this is either removing someone who has no respect for nor comprehension of the importance of the Rule of Law, or it is the horrible, evil, godless government oppressing a Christian. Guess which is my perspective, and you win some free, witty social commentary from me.

Letter printed!
Symboline Dai printed a letter from me this week, and while I'm still trying to figure out what she said, it does not appear that she made me look like a complete fool. I seriously doubt this link will work for longer than the next week. So if you see this after the 20th, the link will be some some other person telling someone more than they need to know. Good thing those in New England can now read my opine on astrology!

Bigoted Institution asks States to continue legal discrimination Life | Catholic bishops condemn same-sex unions
Let's see... this group of closeted men wants US States to withold legal equality to people because they believe those people to be... lesser than the superior straight people. At the same time, this exact same group of closteted men have been doing everything in their power to keep the states' law enforcement agencies out of the non-consensual affairs between Priests and Alter Boys. So they want the states to condemn expressions of sexuality between consenting adults while simultaneously ignoring the thousands of cases of adults sexually molesting children. They also are really urging the state to let them, the bishops, off the hook for witholding evidence of criminal behavior from the states and in hundreds of known cases, enabling known child molestors to have access to unsuspecting small children. These people should rot in the hell they claim exists.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

More clueless media posts this headline tonight: "Bombing comes despite attacks on insurgents" followed by, "Despite nearly a week of stepped-up offensive measures by the U.S. military against Iraqi insurgents, guerrillas were able to strike the Italian military police headquarters in Nasiriya Wednesday, killing at least 26 people." Now I have to ask: are they really that stupid? "Even though we keep attacking them and trying to kill them, they just keep fighting. We thought all the morters and bullets would make them love us." How many Americans would roll over for an occupying military from a country we've been taught to despise our whole lives, like from say... Iran, or Cuba, or North Korea. Would we not fight? Would we not put bombs together and attack them? Do the Neo-cons and their completely compliant American media really still believe the nonsense about them welcoming us as liberators?

This is absolutely, the single most terrifying thing ever written
The Onion | Mom Finds Out About Blog
Alright, some of you might think the Onion is funny from time to time, but to those of us writing these things, this concept is what frightens us to our pathetic little cores. And mom, if you are reading this, please don't ever tell me, and I promise I won't mention anything about anything bad, okay?

Microsoft declares free software dead!
Uh-Oh! Better hurry and go get your copies of Mozilla, Open Office, and numerous other pieces of software before all those programmers get up and commit project-suicide! I mean, Microsoft said they were dead, so they must be, right?

Another huge bomb in Iraq; this one kills 24
Let's think way back to what life was like right before the war in Iraq: Iraq had a stable government that kept Islamic fundamentalists at bay, and was in fact, seen by the fundamentalists as hostile towards them. W was planning to overthrow this government because the guy had shown up his W's Poppy (so the family honour was at stake), and a bunch of his donors wanted to get their greedy paws on Iraq's oil and the then-unnecessary "rebuilding" contracts. A few of us in this country warned that overthrowing this government could open up this large country (and it's resources) to fundamentalists, and that millions of Arabs were likely to see a U.S. military occupation as a bad thing, to be resisted and fought against. "Nonsense!" said the neo-cons, "you people are UNAMERICAN, UNPATRIOTIC, and probably just a bunch of commies and traitors." The neo-cons insisted we would be greeted like liberating heroes, and freedom and democracy would spread like a virus throughout the region. (And don't forget those weapons of mass destruction we were going to find!)

Who was right? This war was bad for Iraq, bad for the region, bad for international relations, and BAD FOR THE UNITED STATES. Only someone who is unamerican and hostile to the interests of this country could support this disaster of a war. And the people who pushed for this war so that they could make money off the suffering are not just immoral, but also traitorous.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Okay so I was a little harsh on the Royal Family
And on the Brits, for not murdering the aristocratic lot of them. After all, there was something like 8 attempts on Queen Victoria's life, so it's not like their all too weak to try. And poor Charles, huh? Well, I guess if you're homophobic, there's a bunch of fear of being outed. It all seems very silly, though. I mean, it's not like the guy is in a position to meet a bunch of people for fooling around, so good for him for getting his close friend to fool around from time to time. Yippie, skippie.

In other Me-related news, I've had a brief email exchange with Sally Cragin, the famous astrologer. When I'm sure the exchange is done, I'll post highlights (flattering to me, of course) here at the blog. Apparently, I'm going to be in her column this week, but I don't think it's run yet.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Negligent reporting - Report: Mossad probing baby deaths - Nov. 10, 2003
Nowhere in this article is the very simple truth that if the babies had been breastfed, they'd still be alive. If I thought the babies' mothers actually read my blog, I probably wouldn't mention that. I'm sure they already know it and feel terrible. But for the love of healthy babies! CNN could have mentioned that to all the soon to be mothers who will race to read this story.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

The Charles flap
Slow torture for Prince Charles -
I love to pile on the royals, but I'm not going to say much about the Charles is Bi storm other than: compared to centuries of prejudice, bigotry, the slaughter and oppression of millions of conquered people... he's gay? Who gives a shit!

Phenominally ugly, inbred family has trouble bearing children - Premature baby for UK royals - Nov. 9, 2003
Granted, I can't find the direct relation between blue-blooded Countess Sophie and her husband, Edward (youngest brother of Charles, & only one of Elizabeth II's four children yet to be divorced.) But so far in my search, my favorite little fact is that Edward, the father of the baby just born, is the son of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip, who are cousins on both their maternal AND paternal sides. Yikes! And Sophie's last pregnancy was ectopic, you say? And these people actually think their sperm is superior?

The Americans fought their revolution against this family starting 1776. The French cut all the heads off of the people in their country who claimed to have blue blood starting in 1789. The Russians murdered their good-for-nothing, oppressive royal family in 1917. So what the fuck is taking the British people so long to get around to removing these assholes' heads? All of this family's wealth should be confiscated and put into the British Treasury. Their stolen jewels should be auctioned off or given back to the countries from which they were theived. Their heads should be violently removed from their bodies so as to eliminate their silly claims to their positions of wealth and power based solely on their family status. These people have proven over and over again to be completely immoral, totally without redeemable qualities, and inbred to the point of being visible genetic abominations.

More to come soon on the soon to be released Prince Charles sex scandal!

Quick history of succession:
Queen Victoria (d. 1901) passed to her oldest son,
Edward VII (d. 1910) passed to his oldest son,
George V (d. 1936) passed to his oldest son,
Edward VIII who wanted to marry the wrong type of person, so was forced to abdicate to his younger brother,
George VI (d. 1952) who had no sons, and therefore had to pass the monarchy to the inferior genered female*, his oldest daughter,
Elizabeth II (still amazingly alive thanks to modern technological wonders.)

* as evidence of the ongoing second class status of females to these horrible people, Anne is Elizabth II's second oldest child, but as the only female of the four, is fourth of them in line for the throne, 9th overall, behind her little brother's offspring born yesterday.