Friday, December 05, 2003

Republicans going too far | Joe Conason's Journal
Replacing FDR on the Dime is appalling. Putting that motherfucker Ronald Reagan is his place is beyond revolting. This story from the San Francisco Chronicle (also linked to in the original link) is worth reading. Write your congressman or something. I can't believe the nerve of those jackasses. Once again, the invitation is extended: the day Reagan dies, there is a freakin' throw-down celebration at mi casa that night. Just show up with little hats and little horns, a bunch of booze, and a nice dance for the bastard's grave.

A pint of Ben & Jerry's Peanutbutter cup ice cream has 260% of my daily recommended allowance of saturated fat. It also has 32 grams of Protein.

Today is Laura's birthday.

My sweetie is sexy. I'm going to go spank her.

Unfreakingbelievable - U.S. eyes return to the moon - Dec. 5, 2003
Lets see: we got to the moon in 7 years in the 60's, and our bold new plan is going to be to go back to the moon in 15 years? Can I please get a "What the fuck?!" We should have people walking on Mars in that time frame. How weak! Yes - a Moonbase seems essential. A permanent Moonbase with future colonies developed from the US Government base with heavy funding from commercial interests to pay for the whole damn thing. But if that ends up being the centerpiece of the plan, I will be very disappointed.

Monday, December 01, 2003

A quick heads-up on the format to replace dvd's
Excite News
Yes, it's coming down the chute and it will replace the current dvd format. Don't worry. Eventually, all movies and music will be on-demand, perfect high quality format over the internet. I don't think even the neolithic trade associations can stop it.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Salon unwittingly has a day all about me
One letter printed on the oppression of women here, and King Kaufman discusses an email exchange with me here. And you, my fair readers, get loads of my opinionated bullshit every day without a day pass. Aren't you guys lucky! Both of you!

King Kaufman
I just got an email from King Kaufman telling me he's going to use some of my letter in his column. I think it's still on the page below.