Friday, December 19, 2003

The 1,776 foot tower in New York will NOT be the world's tallest
The CN Tower in Toronto has been 1,815 feet for a very long time now. So CNN is just being stupid calling the new Freedom Tower the world's tallest (on CNN's front page as of right now). Americans are just ridiculously provential to not even realize this tower exists, just a short drive from Detroit or Buffalo.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Bruce Almighty is sooo bad, it deserves a second blog post just to hammer that point home. It's there with Freaking Forrest Gump. I will never again watch a Jim Carrey movie. How long was that? Can Universal repay me for my time? I mean like minimum wage for the lost time of my life?

Bruce Almighty
Absolutely one of the worst movies in the history of mankind. And it's all Xti's fault for making me watch it. Yes - I will hold this against you forever, Xti. You will never live this down - like the naval piercing thing. Bruce Almighty, and all its immense suckiness, will always be associated with you in my mind. You will have to find some way to make up for it. Good luck with that. =-]

By the way - we're still suffering through this monstrosity of a movie. I'm now having to listen to Jennifer Aniston pray. That's right - that's how low this movie has fallen - I'm listening to someone fucking pray. Take this monotheism and shove it. No one is listening. Arrgh!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Music & Evil
Tom Waits is living (actually, is he alive, or kind of undead?) that people with zero talent can become huge successes by selling their soul to some evil Hollywood entity. His music is just unlistenable. It sounds like burning. I have a headache thanks to him, and my lovely girlfriend who inexplicable enjoys his horrid sound. :shaking head in disbelief:

Count me in for this panic - Flu outbreak worst in 30 years in West, say experts
Sebastian and I are staying inside alot this winter. Sorry to jump so enthusiastically into a panic, but I've seen the ravages of disease close up, and my kid is going to stay away from malls and playgrounds for the time being.

Better news on the animal front - Fugitive steer spared by slaughterhouse - Dec. 17, 2003
An escaped steer gets to live out his days on a Michigan farm. Good for him! He should do commercials for PETA or something.

Sad news from Denmark - Europe's biggest fishtank wrecked - Dec. 17, 2003

I'll post reviews for Return of the King here Arts & Entertainment | "Return of the King"
New York Times Review
Roger Ebert's Review ***1/2
The Onion's Review
The Oregonian A+
USA Today ****
CNN: A spectacular finish for 'Rings'
Chicago Tribune ****

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The flu
I fear this damned flu has entered our house. I'm starting to feel ill, as of early this morning. I have not seen any evidence that the little guy is sick, but he's only two and the media horror stories are scaring the bejesus out of me. I really don't care if I get sick, but it almost certainly means he will, and he's just got those little lungs and undeveloped immune system. I just hope it's a big false alarm. And I hate the government for not giving us health insurance. Good for nothing, right-wing bastards.

The little bastards who run Pop-Up-Padlock win a round in court
Excite News
Judge says, "It's not clear to me ... if there's substantial injury to consumers." Must not use Windows. Could anyone in the San Diego area please play a prank on these stupid kids? Anish Dhingra and Jeffrey Davis are students at UCSD.

Report on the way our heroic men in blue handled protestors in Miami News | "This is not America"
Don't forget, kids: when you need help or a safe place to turn, look to the friendly police to help you. They are all such wonderful people.
"In Miami (the police) proceeded to march down the street and chase these (retreating) people, chase them for blocks," he said. "These were people trying to get away, and they kept marching and shooting."

Monday, December 15, 2003

Another informative interview with Peter Jackson - The man behind 'Rings' says goodbye - Dec. 15, 2003

More new technology - Hard disks boost DVD recorder growth - Dec. 15, 2003
Update on recording your favorite show to dvd... and making me want a PSX!

Every now and then Tom Tomorrow goes from insightful to brilliant Comics | This Modern World
... and I love today's strip - well worth the day pass click-through.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Ya know, I bitch too much on my blog
I just did a quick read through, and I come accross as the most angry bastard this side of Fox News. I'm generally a fairly jovial guy, who consideres himself to be lucky in life, and crazy-fortunate in love. I've got a great house, with a great family, wonderful friends, and soft cats. I just get pissed at my government and/or the media on pretty much a daily basis. So sorry about that. This blog needs more happy to balance the piss & vineger. So today's wonderful thing... Well, Saddam was captured. And Laura and I are working on super secret plans to be revealed in the hopefully near future, which will be fun for the whole family. And I've got chocolate in the fridge whose days are severely numbered.

Happy Birthday goes out to my friend, Carrie (yet another beautiful Sag girl 12/15.) She's all gimpy from foot surgery, and we're wishing a quick recovery on that. She's one of the people in the world which makes it all worth the trouble, ya know?

Great interview with Peter Jackson
In the Seventh Year, LOTR rests

Strom Thurmond fathered a daughter by his family's black maid
Champion of US segregation fathered mixed-race daughter
Gotta love the hypocricy of the right exposed for the millionth tim. Strom had jungle fever, apparently. Fucking bigoted, hypocritical fuck - may his remains continue to feed some worms. And don't you just love that I had to go to foreign press to find the story? It is credited to the Washington Post, but I certainly have seen little of it anywhere.

Flu Problems
New strains of flu typically come from interactions with birds, particularly chickens. Now, you meat eaters, please tell me why we need so much interaction with Chickens? I guess the millions of people killed by the next horrible strain of flu will all see it as completely necessary, because we couldn't live without eating chickens.

Hopefully his capture will help make some peace. The cause of World Peace needed some good news, so yeah. Now let's hope the Bush Administration doesn't completely fuck this up like they have with everything else.