Sunday, January 11, 2004

Bush's new initiatives News | Some Bush proposals alarm conservatives
This article has a hefty amount of bullshit in it, such as painting conservatives as concerned about budget deficits, but it is certainly interesting that just after Bush has two proposals that I strongly agree with (one to expand legal immigration, the other to actually move forward with the dormant Space program) the conservatives get all disappointed with him. I think we can fit Space exploration into the budget.

My plan is to keep the dollar strong, balance the budget, pay down the debt and expand domestic programs as well as scientific endevors, including medical research. Primary to this goal is an overhaul of our out of control health industry, which now accounts for over 15% of the domestic economy. I say that that money would be more efficiently spent through a single payer, and by normalizing that huge portion of the economy, the benefits to the economy (and taxes paid) would be significant.

We can continue to aggressively print and export cash in exchange for goods, but do it in a way that filters it through government coffers, thereby paying down the debt. You may think it's a recipe for inflation, but we've been doing it for quite a long time, and so long as the American $100 bill is the accepted currency worldwide, we need not worry about domestic inflation. We've been expanding the amount of cash in circulation at a crazy rate for years with no ill effects on inflation by exporting it, I'm just saying it's time for uncle Sam to wet his debt-riddled beak for a while.

Another pillar to a strong economy is to legalize drugs and tax them. This turns what is currently a drain on our coffers (enforcement of the drug laws) into a boon - the collection of taxes. If there's one segment of America who are damned willing to have their taxes increased, it's drug users. Do it now. The benefits to the economy and Federal, State, & local budgets would be instantaneous and huge.

Once we do that, and some other economic reform (such as actually regulating industry) the economy will be healthy, the debt will come down, the dollar will be strong, and we can afford to send astronauts into deep space with permanent scientific outposts on the Moon & Mars.

But I'm the left-wing freak show, so what do I know?


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