Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Bush's re-election strategy: a theory
One or both of these things will happen very soon before the elections in November:
-Americans will receive one of those "tax refund" checks in the mail which the R's will make sure comes with George W. Bush's signature one them,
-there will be a terrorist attack domestically or a new theater of war opened overseas.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if Americans were killed in a terrorist attack in the week before the election so we were in that state of high fear that works so well with W's approval ratings. Remember that this is the party that worked behind the scenes in Iran to make sure the hostages were not released until after the election (the same day Reagan was inaugurated by shear coincidence) in '80-'81. This is the same party that sold weapons to extremists in Iran in order to provide funding for illegal terrorist groups in Nicaragua. So if you think they are above working with terrorists for their own political gain at the expense of human lives, you've been reading different history books than I have.

The tax refund checks in the mail set to arrive just before the election are such a no-brainer, I think I'll just go ahead and work them into our family budget for November.


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