Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I woke up in a foul mood this morning
Sometimes NPR is just not the way to wake up. The news is sometimes chilling. 7:00AM 9/11/01 comes prominently to mind. Today it was news of more wacky monotheism as some idiot mother of two killed herself and murdered four others at a Gaza strip checkpoint. ("Where murderous monotheists clash!") I'm sure her kids will appreciate being orphans. Nice work lady. One hopes that right before her head was blown skyward by the bomb around her abdoman she realized she was a stupid fucking murderer who was abandoning her own children. At least one moment of clarity, so she didn't die with the ignorant delusion that she was about to go to "heaven."

The tooth fairie isn't real, either people.

And debt collectors make me want to believe there is a hell. Since there's not, I just hope they all hate their miserable little lives.


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