Thursday, January 08, 2004

Rumsfeld "encouraged" Time to make right-wing selection for person of the year - Rumsfeld urged Time to honor troops - Jan. 8, 2004
The (Time-Warner site) article makes it look selfless, as Rummy was saying "oh, don't give it to me, honor those heroic soldiers." But it's nice to know our "liberal" media does exactly what the administration tells them to do. Here's a suggestion: how about Peace protestors, or Wes Boyd, or Howard Dean? Think Rummy would have bowed out in favor of them? I bet this whole story was orchestrated to make the fucker look good, and Time no longer has an iota of credibility. I mean, Time makes Bush-administration approved selection, then another Time-Warner outlet runs the "big scoop" of Rummy's "honorable, selfless" act. Come on, people.


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